CM SPEECH: Congress will win in Uttarkannada Lok Sabha seat this time: CM Siddaramaiah

CM SPEECH: Congress will win in Uttarkannada Lok Sabha seat this time: CM Siddaramaiah

Uttara Kannada (Mundagodu) May 3: CM Siddaramaiah expressed hope that this time the Congress will win in Uttara Kannada Lok Sabha constituency.

He was speaking  at a public meeting in Mundagodu of Uttara Kannada district Lok Sabha constituency to seek votes on behalf of Congress candidate Anjali Nimbalkar.

People of Uttara Kannada district are politically conscious. CM Siddaramaiah appreciated that they have the intellect to recognize those who keep up the promises.

A lady with public concern and who is  a doctor from  Maratha community is your representative. The CM appealed to make her win with large margin of votes and send her to Delhi . He also expressed confidence that she  will respond to your demands by raising her voice in the Parliament.
The people of this district are clever enough to understand who are the liars and who betrayed the trust of the Indians. Therefore, the CM said that people will vote very sensibly this time. 

Give me power. Modi is telling lies from ten years that he would bring black money in 100 days and put 15 lakhs in the accounts of Indians. Will your vote be valued if you vote for  such a liar, he questioned.

The CM said that Modi had promised to create 2 crore jobs per year to control price rise, to  double the income of farmers , but broke the trust of Indians by not fulfilling  any of the promises.

*Guarantee Scheme are implemented as a response to the Distress*

As a response to the distressed people who were  harassed by the Modi  government's price hike, we have implemented five guarantees.  We  have responded to the difficulties of every family in the state. The CM explained that  BJP  have been provoking  people's emotions and made their  lives miserable.

Modi  government did not agree to provide rice to the people of State. The BJP has now come to ask your vote. The CM called upon to the people to teach them a lesson.

We have formulated programs and guarantees for the lives of the poor, labourers, women, farmers of  all castes and religions. The CM said that the Congress will not deceive people like BJP by waiving off loans of only rich.

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